Stray puppy walks up to a study abroad student and begs her for help

Imagine studying abroad in a tropical paradise, surrounded by beautiful beaches and vibrant cultures. For Annie, a student exploring the wonders of Turks and Caicos, her experience took an unexpected turn when she encountered a little ball of fur that would change her life forever.

Source: Instagram – @annie.larrea

It started out with a whimper and ended with Annie giving a second chance to someone who deserves it the most.

Living and walking around the southern part of Turks and Caicos, Annie quickly realized that stray dogs were a common sight.

The number of stray dogs she encountered was devastating.

But one particular encounter tugged at her heartstrings. As a puppy approached Annie and her friends, crying and seemingly alone, she couldn’t help but think, “I wanna take you home!”

Source: Instagram – @annie.larrea

Yet, she knew she had to ensure the puppy was an orphan before making such a life-changing decision. No one knows if her mother is looking for her or if someone owns the puppy.

Annie and her friends spent hours sitting with the puppy.

Their dedication even resulted in sunburn but they didn’t mind one bit. They fed her with milk from a squeezy bottle, hoping for someone to claim her, but no one came.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

Local residents shared that the puppy had been wandering the area for weeks alone. Faced with this heartbreaking reality, Annie made the decision to bring the puppy, whom she named Midge, back to her own home.

Midge’s life transformed from that moment on.

Once she found herself in the care of Annie, her demeanor shifted, and she became curious and playful, as if she knew she was finally safe.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

However, Annie’s time in Turks and Caicos was limited, and she needed to find a way to ensure Midge’s well-being beyond her departure.

Annie contacted the local SPCA, and they worked together to provide Midge with the necessary vaccinations and secure her a spot on the plane for the journey back to Illinois.

Upon arrival in Illinois, Midge was welcomed by Annie’s parents’ larger dogs, Artie and Millie.

The energetic Millie was particularly intrigued, nudging the little puppy with her nose while ensuring she didn’t cause any harm.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

As Midge grew, she became half the size of Millie, and the two formed an unbreakable bond. Annie describes them as “two wild dogs in the backyard,” constantly playing and running together.

Millie and Midge quickly became inseparable.

Their favorite pastime involved venturing outside to find random items and proudly bringing them to Annie, as if they were presenting her with treasure.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

Annie joyfully shared to The Dodo, “I love knowing that she found her place in this weird, quirky, jumble of a family I have. She fits in so well.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

Annie’s parents quickly fell in love with Midge, and Annie couldn’t be more excited for her furry friend to live a long and healthy life.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

From their chance encounter to the unbreakable bond formed with Annie’s family dogs, Midge’s journey is a true tale of resilience and how one’s compassion can mean the world to another.

Watch how this puppy’s life changed when she approached two students.

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Source: YouTube – The Dodo, Instagram – @annie.larrea

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