Stray Puppy Sees A Stranger And Asks Her To Follow Him Through A Deserted Path

In poverty-stricken provinces across China, the “Northeast Animal Rescue” strives to provide much needed aid and care for stray animals. Sadly, due to a shortage of medical facilities in these areas, there has been an exponential increase in homeless dogs who now face the devastating prospects of starvation and illness.

During a visit to one of the forsaken pocket settlements, Fiona from the rescue team stumbled upon a miserable-looking puppy waiting by an abandoned building’s stairs. To her surprise, upon sighting her friendliness and warmth, the pup seemed to brighten up with newfound optimism. After that heart melting moment, he began scurrying ahead as if leading her to something special at the top of those old steps!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Northeast Animal Rescue, China – YouTube


Fiona followed the puppy thinking he was taking her to his mama, littermates or friends. She walked through the overgrown weeds and shabby turns of the dark dilapidated structure, until the puppy introduced her to his only sibling.

Fiona had no idea what happened to the rest of his family, but she knew she had to save these weak helpless brothers from living in that haunting, unhygienic mess of a home.

Source (Screenshot) credit: Northeast Animal Rescue, China – YouTube


Fiona named the puppies Rocky and Buddy and took them to back the shelter. They were thrilled to receive proper healing baths for the first time. They soon began learning socialization tactics with Fiona, and were happy to have their own safe space to grow and thrive at the shelter!

Due to their limited resources, it’s incredibly difficult for the shelter to rescue all stray dogs. This is why they mostly focus on saving the young, injured, sick and at-risk dogs who otherwise fail to fend for themselves out in the world.

Thankfully, some local Good Samaritans also look out for the stray dogs from time to time. Despite their deprived lives, they share the little food they have with the dogs and help them live sheltered lives in the community.

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