Stray Puppy Found Wandering Onto Naval Base And Managed Find The Hero He Needed

This story speaks about a stray puppy called Griffon who’d given up hope in life or at least finding a forever family after spending so much time on the streets. But everything changed one day as while he was wandering, he ended up on a foreign naval base, where he was saved by one of them.

The little dog was seen by a US Naval Commander, who directly realized that it was a dangerous environment for him to survive so he scooped him in his arms and took him to his unit.

Everyone in the base knew about the dog and they were eager to see him. The dog was able to create a great bond with the commander, who was taking care of him to the point that he followed him everywhere.

The commander, who preferred to keep his name unknown, then decided to adopt Griffon and bring him to the US when he is back.

Griffon and the commander will be reunited shortly, according to Gary Baumann, the spokesman of Paws of War. We are so happy that Griffon finally gets what he really deserves. Watch the video below.

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