Spelunkers Find Missing Dog For Months In A Cave And Embark On Rescue Mission

When your dog goes missing, everything in your life gets messy. However, when they are found, your life becomes better especially when you lose your hope to find them. And that’s exactly what happened in this story.

Rick Haley, a member of cave diver, shared a story of rescuing a dog on Facebook. Haley and his group went to a trip to a cave in Perry County, Missouri, one of the longest caves in the state at 24.5 miles long. But the group was completely shocked to find a poor dog struggling in the cave.

Haley and Gerry Keene, his fellow diver, put the dog in a duffel bag and moved her up in a vertical climb for 500 feet! Despite being in a very hard shape, she was completely cooperative.

It turned out that the dog, whose name is Abby, has an owner, and she’d been missing for more than 2 months. If the cave divers did not save her, she would have died. Thankfully, Abby then reunited with her owner again.

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