Someone’s careless behavior made this puppy so scared!

Guys, we received a call to rescue a puppy who lost his mom as heavy load fell upon her near the warehouse. The harsh workers made the heartbroken puppy run away from the place after what happened. He was going through great grief and he received ill-treatment from the people. We reached the place and found him shivering as he was too afraid. He was running away from every person he saw and met. How could we leave him at such a place where no one cared for him!
Watch Bandit’s heartwarming rescue story!

Please, support our mission so we can save more of such souls from ill-treatment.

Thanks for watching!



Some comments from people:

Thank you for helping the pup, as usual we have a ton of experts in the comments trying to say what you did ‘wrong’ in this scenario but I’m honestly glad you got him off the streets ❤️ hope he finds a great family


To be honest, you guys did a good job, saving a puppy through all of that tragic and trauma. You guys are truly saviors. 😊

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