Small Pup Found Living Inside Chicken Coop, Turns Out to Be Funny, Confident Dog

A call came to Save a Greek Stray group about a very small dog, who was found living in a chicken coop with the chickens.

The dog, who was smaller than a cat, was suffering from leishmaniasis, riddled with mange, and underweight! He was neglected in the worst way ever.

The rescue group went to rescue the dog and they were completely shocked after seeing the dog, and they decided to name him Feather, as he was covered with the chickens’ feathers.

The dog was completely covered with ticks and fleas from the feathers. However, Feather was almost blinded from leishmaniasis. Thankfully, the dog was treated for his disease and had gained his sight back.

Feather started getting better, and gaining weight every day. His real character also started to be revealed! He is funny, friendly, and confident.

The best thing was that he was adopted by a kind family, who gave him the love and care he needed. His look is now completely different as you may hardly recognize him! What a transformation. Watch the video below.

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