‘Small’ Dog Runs Away From Home And Gets Lost While Looking For His Girlfriend

Hope For Paws heard about a little pup that had been circling the same property for days. When they arrived, they saw he was wearing a collar and optimistically thought it meant he was merely lost. As he kept staring at one particular house, they got ready to secure him in their arms.

Source (Screenshot) credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube

With the assistance of a postal worker, Loreta discovered Bambino had been scavenging for a female Husky in heat. She immediately knew that she must find him a home and provided her with the necessary supplies to get started – Lucky Leash included! As they set out on their journey, they realized their primary focus should be ensuring he was ready for his checkup and makeover before searching for his former residence.

Source (Screenshot) credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube

Bambino underwent neutering to ensure he would never be separated from his family again. Miraculously, a few days later they located Luigi’s mother! His real name was then unveiled and it was discovered that he had been away for over three weeks. But now the moment of reunion between them both could finally occur.

Click to watch this INCREDIBLE transformation and heartwarming ending of Bambino!

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