Sickly Puppy Crawled To Woman With Deformed Legs Desperate For Relief

A rescue group, Little Steps Matter, met a puppy desperately needing help. The little girl, they named Ayla, was merely two months old. She laid in the street, biting herself in pain. The pup couldn’t walk. With malformed legs, she could only crawl toward a volunteer pleading for assistance.


A volunteer picked her up, placed her into the vehicle, and they headed straight to the vet. X-rays revealed that her legs weren’t broken, but the deformity was from malnourishment and lack of calcium. The puppy was in critical condition. According to the rescue group, she was on the brink of death.


However, while her leg X-rays were normal, they did reveal that Ayla swallowed a stone, trying to get calcium from somewhere. Thankfully, the stone eventually passed on its own. Ayla spent a week at the vet clinic then she was cleared to go to the rescue group’s “safe house.” The puppy was already improving… fast!

Ayla’s story and transformation are too miraculous to miss. Thank you, Little Steps Matter, for saving this precious life! Scroll down to see the once sickly puppy transform into the happiest little girl!

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