Shelter Employees Organize A Sweet Party For A Senior Unadoptable Dog

This story speaks about a senior dog called Loco, who has been at the Spartanburg Humane Society shelter for more than 2 years. The workers of the shelter knew that Loco continued to think about being in a shelter not a home, so, they decided to make a great birthday party, that would not been forgotten soon.

The Spartanburg Humane Society’s chief operating officer, Angel Cox, said that everyone gathered to sing to Loco, who was wearing a frilly collar and birthday hat. The birthday cake was very loved by the dog as it was a sweet potato cake!

Cox added that Loco does not love dogs or anyone she does not know, but she really loves her favorite people. However, everyone enjoyed the birthday party, especially Loco. It was a very great birthday party!

Loco was thirteen years when she arrived at the shelter for having some medical problems. Since then, no one came to adopt her. She is very friendly towards people she loves, and can be a great pet without dogs in the same place. Watch the video below.

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