Shelter Dog Escorted Into Room, ‘Locks Eyes’ With Guy He Chose To Be His Dad

All shelter dogs deserve loving homes, but sadly many are overlooked. Some people assume that because these dogs ended up in the shelter system, they are ‘broken,’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth!


One special dog named Benson had been dreaming of a forever family that would give him all the love and affection he craved. He longed to have his own bed and a basket filled with toys. Instead of living out this dream, he was stuck in a kennel surrounded by loud barking, desperate pleas from other dogs who dreamt of the same thing.




When one guy met Benson, he saw the dog for who he truly is: a gem! He filled out all the necessary paperwork and sat in the waiting room, excited to bring his pup home. Benson had no idea! He knew he liked the kind man but didn’t know he would come back for him. As Benson is escorted into the room, he sees the man — and his excitement takes over. He nearly knocks his new dad over!..




This is one of the most heartwarming adoption videos we’ve ever seen! Here’s to your new beautiful life, Benson! You deserve it!

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