Real Life ‘Castaway’ And Dog Adrift At Sea, Cry And Wag Tail When Help Arrives

Aussie sailor Timothy Shaddock and his dog, Bella, were lost at sea for three months. The real-life castaway, and his pup, were stranded on their catamaran while sailing for French Polynesia, a whopping 3,700-mile journey.


Two weeks into their trip, a storm knocked out power, leaving the pair without communication systems or electricity. They were officially set adrift, forced to live on raw fish and rainwater. Shaddock thought they were going to die, but then a miracle happened!

Three months into their harrowing journey, a helicopter spotted the boat, leading to their incredible rescue. Shaddock’s driving force to continue to fight: his dog Bella. Experts agree that Bella provided him purpose. Her companionship fueled the sailor to keep going despite horrifying circumstances.


Shaddock is recovering in the hospital and doing well, considering extreme weight loss and malnourishment. According to sources, Bella is also doing well. The blockbuster film, ‘Castaway,’ featuring Tom Hanks, is a similar tale of survival where the star turned to a beat-up volleyball he named Wilson for companionship. Bella was Shaddock’s Wilson– and just as Shaddock never gave up on Bella, Bella never gave up on him!


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