Puppy Gets Tooth Pulled at the Dentist, And Adorably Smiles for the Camera

Usually, when dogs are actually “smiling,” meaning expressing happiness, it is when they have their ears in the relaxed state for the breed, and a big wide open mouth—tongues a-flailing.

So, although we are giving our thumbs-up for the best pooch smiles today, we are really reflecting our humanness onto the animals—and enjoying it immensely.

Dogs normally are signaling that they accept being the lowly beta in the pack by pulling the corners of their mouths upwards—the same signal we call a smile.

Even so, not all dogs have the talent for making a ‘smile’, but these pups are pros—especially when asked the right question.

Loni had a visit at the doggy dentist where she had to get one of her teeth pulled.

Watch how she shows off her dental work for the camera. Priceless!

“Did you get a tooth pulled? Let me see…”

This Golden Retriever puppy shows off his baby teeth, and the added music makes this is a cuteness overload.

When mom asks Bill the Labrador to smile, he is all too happy to oblige.

This smile might be the most adorable, of all…


But dogs aren’t the only animals that can produce a giddy-faced ‘smile’ on cue. Check out this sea lion. A zookeeper from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates plays a game with one of the animals in his care.

“When I smile at the camera she imitates me and makes the same face.”

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