Pup Tenderly Celebrates Mom’s Homecoming After Year-Long Cancer Treatment

A compassionate pup named Sola is understandably attached to her human mom. Her mom, Yun J, was diagnosed with cancer and had to prepare for treatment during an extended hospital stay. When Yun J shaved her head, the dog wasn’t sure what to think.


Since Sola was a tiny pup, she’s been glued to her mom’s hip. They did chores and went on adventures together. The mom and dog’s bond didn’t end there. When Yun J became ill, Sola could sense it. She laid with her in bed to let her know her mama is never alone.


As Yun J packed for the hospital, Sola stuck her ball in her suitcase, eager to come along. But, of course, Sola had to stay behind. Yun J said goodbye but told her special pup she would see her soon. Once at the hospital, Yun J FaceTimed Sola as much as possible.


It was certainly a difficult time for all. Yun J had to stay at the hospital for nearly a year. To a dog, that’s an eternity! When Sola hears her mom at the front door, she can’t believe it! Their tearful reunion is too precious to miss! See it for yourself in the video below.

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