Pit Bull Too Much Of A Gentleman To Fight Was Discarded For Being Sweet

Brad is a lovable and resilient dog who has overcome numerous challenges in his life. Found as a stray in Houston, Brad was in rough shape, with half of his tail gone and in pain. Despite his condition, he approached his rescuers with a sweet and friendly demeanor. It was later discovered that Brad is deaf, which made his journey to finding a forever home more difficult.


After spending two years with a rescue organization, he was sent to a prison canine training program in Canyon City, Colorado. There, he learned hand signals to help him communicate with humans. He was eventually adopted by his foster family, but they returned him after a few months. This led him to a boarding facility where he met Lisa.



Lisa, whose last foster dog was just adopted, was looking for another dog to take in. When she met Brad, she knew she couldn’t let him go. In November, Lisa officially adopted Brad, giving him the stable home he deserved. Despite his past experiences, Brad has a positive energy that is contagious. His quirky habits include hanging out in the bathtub and sleeping with one of his back legs on his face.



One of the benefits of having a deaf dog is that they are not bothered by loud noises. Brad is also not overly clingy and enjoys doing his own thing. However, Lisa is cautious about taking him to the dog park due to his breed and the challenges of recalling a deaf dog verbally.

Many people who meet Brad are initially hesitant because of his breed and size, but after spending time with him, they quickly fall in love. Lisa suspects that Brad may have come from a backyard breeder in Houston and was possibly dumped on the streets because of his docile personality, which made him unsuitable for dog fighting.

Brad’s ability to forgive and love, even after being let down by humans more than once, is truly inspiring. His story is a testament to the importance of giving animals a second chance at a happy life.


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