“He Needs Surgery,” Fans Urge Tom Cruise to Get Anti-Aging Procedures, As He Is Deemed Unrecognizable at 61

Wednesday night, Tom Cruise was a special guest at a fancy charity event in London, where he hung out with Prince William. Even though the gala was full of famous people, everyone was looking at Tom Cruise because his face seemed different.


In his latest public appearance, the actor had longer hair and smiled for pictures next to the Prince of Wales. When the media shared photos from the event, the internet was full of comments about how different Cruise looked, with some saying he was “unrecognizable.”

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Many fans were quick to praise the star and come to his defense. One person wrote, ’’He still looks better than 80% of men his age,’’ while another commented, ’’Do any of us look the same after 40 years? I sure don’t.’’

Lots of fans praised the star and supported him. One person noted, “Do any of us look the same after 40 years? I sure don’t.” and another added, “He still looks better than 80% of men his age.”

Daniel Leal/Associated Press/East News

Some people think the actor is aging well, but others think he might have had surgeries or fillers, which they say could be why he looks different now. One person said, “Too much surgery, fillers, Botox, hair transplant, etc…not a good look.” Another person said, ’’Another star with far too many fillers.’’

While many people believe that the movie star had some work done, others thought the complete opposite and even noted that Tom needs to get some rejuvenating procedures. One person wrote,
’’He needs upper eyelid surgery and to have the hanging tip of his nose removed.’’

We think the Mission Impossible actor still looked very handsome and just like the elegant movie star we know him to be. Another Hollywood leading man, Zac Efron, has also been making headlines recently because some people say he looks unrecognizable.

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