Pit Bull Goes From Tormented ‘Dog Fighter’ To Angel, Dispelling Breed’s Bad Rap

Leana, a desperate Pit Bull, was found on a mountaintop. The poor girl was a mess! She was covered in blood after being shot in the head. Her ears were torn to shreds, and her eyes were so sad that the rescuers’ hearts broke. She was used for dog fighting and then discarded, but this baby’s story would become a real-life fairy tale!


A couple, Brittany and Matt, went to their local shelter and saw Leana in her kennel. There was a red tag on it indicating she wasn’t ready for adoption but the couple asked about her anyway. They allowed a meet and greet. The couple fell in love with her instantly, and the feelings were mutual!



The adoption went through, and Matt and Brittany took Leana home. She met her new brother, Tyson, who soon taught her everything there is to know about being a dog. She never played fetch or ate out of a food bowl, but soon she was ‘dogging’ around, quickly transforming from who she was before to the incredible dog she is now!

Leana’s rescue is a blessing! Wait until you see her incredible strides! Leana pays it forward in the most incredible way! To see Leana’s full story, click play on the video below!


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