Pit Bull Abandoned In Basement Spoons His Human To Feel Safe

Cashmere was found in a basement without a human to care for him. Animal Control arrived, and Cashmere willingly went with them as if he understood he needed help. The poor pup had bite wounds and an empty belly. He desperately needed human intervention.


Some people came forward claiming to be his owner, but as the video states, “That didn’t pan out.” He was also adopted but returned when he didn’t get along with their cat. Maya met Cashmere through the Humane Rescue Alliance, and it was an instant connection. When Maya saw the pup, she said, “That’s my dog.”


After Cashmere’s tragic start, he needs to touch someone constantly for reassurance. Cashmere is such a good boy! He’s a terrific older brother to his sister, Banana. Cashmere is so sensitive that he even licked up his mom’s tears when she cried!

Thank you to all involved in Cashmere’s rescue. We are so happy he found a beautiful home! Rescue dogs are the best! To see Cashmere’s full story and to meet the special pup, scroll on down!

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