Nugget, Dog Who Got Reunited With His Dad After Went Missing For 7 Years, Passed Away

This story speaks about Nugget, a sixteen-year-old Jack Russel-Pug mix, who went missing from his owner for 7 years! The dog went missing in Kuala Lumpur, and was found in New Mexico, northern South Carolina, which is 3,000km away!

Jessie Springer, the dog owner, was very happy to have her dog back. But something unexpected happened! The dog recently died, which left his owner completely devastated! Springer posted online that she was more than happy to be able to see her dog, and spend some weeks with him before he died.

However, she also credited Carolina Loving Hound Rescue and thanked them to help her reunite with Nugget.

She also asked people to donate to the organization as what they have done was so great. No one knows how Nugget went from Kuala Lumpur to New Mexico, but thanks to his microchip. Rest in peace Nugget.

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