Neighbors Insist He’s ‘Aggressive And Stupid’ But Parents Know He’s A Gem

Amber and Kevin adopted Sam, a Pit Bull/American Bulldog mix after he was found on the streets. He had a microchip, but his previous owners no longer wanted him. The couple thought that’s ok; someone else’s ‘trash’ is now our treasure!



Kevin and Amber describe Sam as a friendly, loving boy who craves attention. He’s an 87-pound lap dog! This good-looking pup can go from rambunctious to pass-out-cold sleepy in a matter of minutes! Amber claims Sam is quite intelligent but is selective in showing his smarts. Because he’s a big, muscular boy, Amber compares him to a guy that hits the gym on a regular basis.


The couple’s neighbors aren’t as fond of Sam. One neighbor actually reported him for being overtly aggressive because she saw Sam pulling Amber on the leash before he was adequately trained. His appearance gets him into trouble due to stereotyping and generalization, but that’s their ignorance! Sam is a gentle gem!

If Amber gets frustrated by negative comments, she will tell Sam, loudly so the neighbors hear, that he’s a good boy and that other people may not love him, but we do! To meet the adorable, undeniable Sam, scroll down to the video below!


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