Moved by the heartwarming sight of a faithful canine diligently carrying a basket to the marketplace, supporting his ailing owner through life’s challenges. rr

The image of the uncle obediently stealing the lane behind the owner makes everyone on the road feel very excited. These images of  “good dog” were taken by a passerby and spread on the internet.chu cho hang ngay cap lan di cho giup chu tro thanh ngoi sao tren mang

Image of a dog on the way to the market.

The people on the street shared: “The image of him stealing the lane to go to the market is too familiar to us. Every day, we still see him stealing the lane after his owner, sometimes seeing him walking alone is quite obedient, no I feel like loitering or having fun.”

chu cho hang ngay cap lan di cho giup chu tro thanh ngoi sao tren mang

The dog’s owner was an elderly man who lived alone and suffered from a chronic illness that made it difficult for him to leave the house. Despite his condition, the man was determined to live independently and refused to rely on others for help.

However, his loyal dog knew that his owner needed care and attention, and so he took it upon himself to ensure that his owner was never alone. Every day, the dog would make his way to the local market, where he would wait patiently for his owner’s regular caregiver to arrive.

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The image of a “courageous dog”.

After the image of the dog was spread on the internet, it quickly received the attention of a large number of people.

A netizen of this country commented: “Dogs are a loyal and very intelligent animal, that’s what makes them human’s best friend.”


Once the caregiver arrived, the dog would lead them back to his owner’s house, where he would watch as the caregiver tended to his owner’s needs. The dog would stay by his owner’s side throughout the day, offering comfort and companionship whenever needed.

Despite the hardships that the man faced, he was comforted by the unwavering loyalty of his faithful companion. The dog’s love and devotion were a constant reminder that he was not alone, and that he was surrounded by those who cared for him.

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This touching story is a testament to the incredible bond that can form between humans and animals. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope and love to be found in the world. And while the man’s illness may have prevented him from living a normal life, he was blessed with the unconditional love of a dog who was always by his side.

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