Meet The Adorable Elf Owl Is The Smallest Owl In The World

The 1st thing people think about when they heard owls is that they are creepy-looking birds that are massive. But the truth is that they are also adorable and tiny just like hummingbirds. Take this one as an example.

The elf owl, is owl species that looks like a tennis ball. So, many people do not even know that this bird is an owl because it is the smallest owl in earth. Anyway, despite being very little, the elf owl is very tiny are great hunters and they are just like the great horned owls in hunting.

The elf owl is very tiny, that are native to some areas in Baja California and Mexico and the Southwestern United States, can weigh up to 1.5 ounce and grow up to 6″. However, they can catch prey as big as their size like lizards and mice.

Furthermore, the most prey they love are crickets, beetles, and spiders. In spring, the female elf owls lay up to 4 eggs, that need twenty-one days to hatch. The chicks are being cared by the mother and the father.

The owls start to immigrate to Mexico from the US in the autumn and they come back at the end of February for the nesting season. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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