Man Hurries To Pull Dog Out Of Cave Before Storm Hits But Fails

A man, named Joe Dunn, was walking through the woods when he suddenly heard a dog howling. He ran over and looked down into a 200-foot cave. He saw a dog trapped deep below. The pup must have fallen in and now it was a race to save her in time!

Screenshot via YouTube

As a storm rolled in, Joe hatched a plan. He placed a tall log inside the cavern and hoped the dog would climb out on her own. But his first plan failed. The dog couldn’t make her way up the tree. Joe felt hopeless. He didn’t have a rope with him so the dog would have to stay there overnight. He had a long hike back and needed to gather up reinforcements.

Screenshot via YouTube

The following day, Joe returned with a few friends and the proper equipment. As they hiked towards the cave, they heard the pup howling. Thankfully she made it through the night. Joe set up the rope and lowered his buddy down.

Screenshot via YouTube

This rescue will surely have you on the edge of your seat! To see what happens to the pup, check out the full story in the video below. Joe and his friends are amazing!

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