Man Cries Uncontrollably While Watching Stray Dog He Rescued Depart For Shelter Homes

This story speaks about 2 homeless dogs, who were being taken care of by a kind man for more than two years.

The man was told by a terrible neighbor that he intended to sell the pups and get the dogs! The kind man didn’t know what to do, so, he called Hope For Paws for help. When the dogs saw the rescuers, the male dog was somehow nervous and hesitant, but the female one greeted them as she was very friendly.

The man, who had been taking care of the dogs for 2 years, broke into tears as he felt that he betrayed them after promising them to take care of them. You can also hear him in the video below calming the dogs telling them that they will be in a better place with the rescuers.

It seemed like the male dog understood what he was told as he accepted to go with the rescuers to their sanctuary. The dogs, who were named Irene and George, were so great to each other as they supported each other. The male dog underwent a surgical treatment as he had bone cancer.

Due to that, he lost one of his legs but he still has the desire to live. Thankfully, both dogs are now spending their time with their rescuers in the shelter, which is surly better place than street. Thanks to the kind man who spent a lot of time taking care of these dogs. Watch the video below.

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