Injured Dog With Anemia Sneaked Into A House Seeking For Help And Love

This story speaks about a poor dog, who was found hiding in a family’s home’s backyard in Missouri. The family directly took the dog to Stray Rescue of St. Louis shelter after seeing that the dog needed an immediate help.

The director of the shelter, Donna Lochmann, said that the situation of the dog was one of the worst dogs’ situations they have ever seen, and they thought that she would not make it! The dog was left emaciated after being attacked with a huge number of fleas! So, they started treating her directly.

After bathing and cleaning her, they knew that the dog was not able to stand by herself! They even took her to an emergency center to have a blood transfusion as she was anemic!

After coming back to the shelter, the dog was put in an oxygen chamber as her lungs were very weak. Thankfully, she started gaining her health back again, and even made friends with the other dogs. She is now waiting for a forever home as she is now being fostered. Watch the video below.

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