In This Family, The Dogs Take the Horse for a Walk – WATCH

Heart-warming footage shows the incredible bond between a pair of dogs and their family’s horse—with the doggies always clamoring to take the pony for walks.


Nine-year-old miniature horse Bon Jovi, nicknamed Bonnie, was rescued from an abusive home and adopted by Jessica Chemin four years ago.

Bonnie now lives with Jessica and her two French bulldogs, Lola and Nacho, at their home in Cape Town, South Africa.

The animals have become the closest of friends and spend their days playing together and enjoying each other’s company.


Jessica filmed the first time the sweet pooches took hold of Bonnie’s reigns and began leading him outside for a walk.

21-year-old Jessica, who is in her final year of studying organizational psychology at the University of Cape Town said, “He was named after Bon Jovi because of his wild nature, but after living with us he has calmed down so much and become such a ‘homebody’.

“We often find him sneaking into the house because he knows where the snack drawer in the kitchen is.”

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw Lola and Nacho taking Bonnie for a walk. It really has taken their relationship to the next level as now whenever they see the lead rein being clipped onto Bonnie’s halter, they both want to lead him up to the stables.


Of her menagerie of animals, she noted, “They all get on so well. I will often find Lola and Nacho down in the garden, lying on the grass while Bonnie grazes nearby. The three of them really seem to have the sweetest kinship and seeing their friendship makes my heart so full.”

(WATCH the awesome trio in the SWNS video below.)

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