‘Homeless’ Stray Dog Approaches Stranger’s Car, Seeking New Home

One day, Takis found himself in luck as he traveled to the shelter – his work had finally come looking for him! As soon as he drove into town, a homeless pup approached and looked up at him with desperation. The begging was undeniable; it became clear that this lonely dog needed saving and a place to call home.

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo via YouTube

The pup was unaware of how lucky he was at the time, but upon seeing his savior’s car pull up to him, he knew that this person could help. Rising on its hind legs and letting out a desperate plea for assistance, it begged not to spend another lonesome day lost in this world. As Takis opened the driver-side door, the dog leapt into the vehicle and settled onto the passenger seat!

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo via YouTube

Takis was astonished that a pup so young, aged between six to seven months old, was able to comprehend his plan and accompany him! The canine appeared elated on their journey to the shelter where he’d be christened Hitch.

Click the video below to watch this incredible story that ends on a happy note!

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