Jane Seymour Is Having ‘More Passionate’ Sex Than Ever at 72: ‘I Know Myself and My Body’

Jane Seymour Is Having More Passionate” Sex Than Ever at 72: I Know Myself and My Body 523GettyImages-1934247215


Life in the bedroom has never been better for 72-year-old Jane Seymour and her boyfriend, John Zambetti.

“Sex right now is more wonderful and passionate than anything I ever remember because it is built on trust, love, and experience,” Seymour, 72, wrote in an essay for Cosmopolitan’s “Sex After 60” issue published on Wednesday, January 17. “I now know myself and my body, and John has had his own experiences in his life — it’s not like when you’re younger.”

She continued, “The older I get, the more sex is built on emotional intimacy, on having shared the ups and downs of life with someone – our feelings, our joys, our sadness, our mutual passions and desire.”

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Seymour also shared how she’s learned that “intimacy can also be self-serving” as the years have gone on, noting that “loving touch” doesn’t need to stop just because you reach a certain age.


“Your sex life doesn’t need to end at 60,” she continued. “At the end of the day, everyone is looking for something that puts blood into a certain area. When you can figure that out, well, you’re going to be a happy camper.”

Pointing out the “added bonus” of not having to worry about a potential unplanned pregnancy in one’s golden years, Seymour said she still sometimes feels 16 when it comes to being intimate with her partner. “I truly feel sex and intimacy is better at my age than it ever was before,” she said. “I actually mean that. And it took being single after my marriages to learn that I don’t have to disappear for sex and romance to click.”


Jane Seymour Is Having More Passionate” Sex Than Ever at 72: I Know Myself and My Body 524GettyImages-1709576440


When it comes to having a successful relationship all around, Seymour admitted it took her nearly “five decades of being coupled up” to realize that it shouldn’t always be about “the career, the blended family, the marriage.” Instead, she needed to learn how to focus on the romance and her own needs.

Seymour has been married four times. She shares twins Kristopher and John, 27, with her fourth husband, James Keach, to whom she was married from 1993 to 2015. She is also a mom to daughters Jennifer, 43, and Katherine, 41, and son Sean, 38, whom she shares with her third husband, David Flynn. The pair were together for 11 years before calling it quits in 1992. Seymour was also previously married to Michael Attenborough from 1971 to 1973 and Geoffrey Planer from 1977 to 1978.

Seymour and Zambetti, 73, went Instagram official with their relationship in October 2023. Later that month, the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star revealed that it was their
children who set them up. “So we certainly don’t have to worry about the kids not approving of who we were with,” Zambetti quipped to People at the time. “I’m very lucky to be with her.”

In November 2023, Seymour opened up about her “uniquely special” romance with the musician. “He’s lovely and he’s obviously very intelligent, but also very supportive. Everyone I know loves him. They all adore him,” she told the Daily Mail. “’We just decided that whatever it is, doesn’t need to be qualified or quantified. We don’t need to put a name to it. We just both really appreciate what it is for right now.”

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Seymour’s most recent thoughts on intimacy aren’t the first time she’s been candid about sexuality in her golden years. She posed for Playboy in 2018 at the age of 67, telling the outlet that she feels “so much sexier” than she ever did when she was younger.

“There’s an enormous freedom in having lived as long as I have,” she said at the time. “Like my father used to say, I’m comfortable in my own skin. I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone. When you’re younger, it’s all about ‘look at me.’ I’m not trying to get anyone to look at me.”


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