Homeless Puppy Fears Woman Will Leave Him And Climbs Into Her Car

A Good Samaritan spotted a street puppy with overgrown, matted hair running towards her. He looked more like a sheep than a dog. When the pup got closer, the woman knelt down to give him some nibbles of food. The poor puppy was starving!





The little raggedy dog had a thin, frayed rope tied around his neck. Did someone discard the precious boy? He was so desperate for a home that when the woman climbed into her car, the puppy tried to climb inside, too. The woman helped him up and took him home.


Once back at her house, she gave him a proper meal and a haircut. She also named him Little Sheep, which was quite fitting; especially when she shaved him and a blanket of ‘sheepskin’ came off his body. The puppy watched as she peeled his uncomfortable coat right off. Then it was time for a bath! After he was all clean, the woman put a cozy jacket on him so he wouldn’t shiver.



This rescue is a must-see! To meet Little Sheep and watch him try to save himself, click play on the video below. His transformation is incredible, thanks to a kind woman with an open heart.


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