Heroic Sailor Dives Into Choppy Seas to Save 4 Kittens From Burning Ship

A brave navy sailor recently plunged into choppy waters to rescue four kittens from a burning ship off the coast of Thailand.

23-year-old Thatsaphon Saii received the emergency call and dove into the water—while still wearing his pants—to swim over to the wreckage.

All eight crew members had already escaped the inferno and been picked up by a passing fishing boat.

However, four terrified kittens were left behind. They moved to the bow and were left clinging to a crane structure as the flames rapidly engulfed the ship.


Heroic Thatsaphon swam 50 feet through rough seas before he climbed aboard the sinking ship and put three cats into an old rice sack.

The other kitten, he carried one on his shoulder.


The sailor emerged with the trembling moggies and paddled with them in his arms back to the navy vessel. The kittens were dehydrated and given fresh water while they recovered onboard.

The boat, an old wooden fishing vessel, was left to burn and sink into the depths near the island of Koh Adang.

Thatsaphon, who’s part of the Royal Thai Navy’s Air and Coastal Defence Command Operation Unit 491, said: ‘When we arrived it was to secure the wreckage and check for oil spills. But we noticed the cats onboard.

“I immediately took off my shirt and put on a life jacket so I could jump into the sea. The flames were at the back of the boat but it was starting to sink, so I knew I had to be quick.

“I’m so relieved that we were able to save the kittens. They would have drowned or died of thirst if they went into the sea.”


All four kittens are now fully recovered from their adventure on the high seas, with navy officials currently looking after the little cats at their office.

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