Hero Pit Bull Drags Baby by Diaper After House Goes Up In Flames

A mother from California called Latana Chai was home with Masailah, her seven-month-old baby, when something unexpected happened!

Before midnight on 3rd of June, 2018, the mama heard Sasha, her eight-month-old dog, banding at the door and barking in a very loud way! Latana directly knew that something was not okay as the pit bull was barking frantically!

So, she went to check on the dog and was shocked to find her neighbor’s house on fire with black smoke!

The fire was so close to her home, which made her daughter’s life in danger! So, she directly went to check on the baby, but the dog had already finished the job!

Sasha brought the baby off the bed by her diaper! What a great effort by the heroic dog who saved everyone! Watch the video below.

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Unwavering Courage: Heroic Dog Risks All to Save Disabled Veteran, Culminating in a Heartwarming Conclusion


All dogs deserve a perfect forever home, even those who appear a bit unusual. Dogs with special needs require a lot of love and need to find the human being that understands them .


And occasionally these dogs wind up discovering kindred spirits that are just like them . That’s what occurred recently, after a leg amputee veteran acquired an unique rescue dog that had also lost its leg .


A stray German Shepherd called Kane gets struck by a car and gravely breaks his right leg. When he came to the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, California, his leg had to be amputated.

Yet Kane wasn’t let down by the loss of a leg. According to NBC Los Angeles, the three-legged dog “always runs like he had all four legs.”

Kane was offered for adoption. It is typically difficult to find a home for a dog with a disability: potential adopters prefer “normal” dogs over shelter dogs.



But when Dane Orozco arrived to the shelter in search of a new pet, he immediately realized Kane was the perfect dog for him.


It turns out that they had one key thing in common: they both lost their right leg.

According to the Inland Valley Humane Society , Dane is a veteran who lost his leg while abroad. Part of the reason he wanted a new pet was to cheer him up.

I regularly become melancholy, so my manager asked me what I loved. What would make you happy? I said, “I’ve always had dogs, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had one,” he told NBC Los Angeles.

As soon as he saw Kane, standing cheerfully on three legs, he knew it was written. “As soon as I saw him, I fell in love with him,” Dane stated. “I had this immediate connection with him. Look at him, he’s perfect. »




“I just had to have it. I know the feeling of being pushed aside because of it. «

Kane is now extremely happy with his new owner. According to NBC, Dane brings him to work so he’s always there to support him when he needs it.

The Humane Society was pleased to see Kane move to such a perfect home. They shared the heartwarming story in a TikTok video, which went viral with almost 13 million views.




“We wish them the best in their future endeavors,” the shelter added.

How incredible that Kane and Dane met one other – it truly is a relationship that was meant to be.

Having a buddy who shares your disability may be fantastic for your self-esteem, and we’re so thrilled these two met.


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Heartwarming Reunion of Police Officer and Rescued Dog: Witness the Unbreakable Bond Between a Hero and His Canine Companion






The police officer rescued many animals. His mission was to rescue homeless dogs.


The police officer had a deep emotions towards a dog even after rescueing. He rescued the dog and the dog was taken to an animal shelter.


The man used to visit the doggie several times. The dog had several health problems. The dog did not see clearly. His vision was unclear.


The policman looked after the dog and visited him every time. Luckily, the dog was soon adopted. The dog has a beautiful family now.

The family cares for the dog. The police officer felt relief knowing that the dog is safe and sound.


The man moved to another city and once got a news about the dog which was in a terrible state as he had been present in a bad incident.


The police officer went to see the dog qucikly. He could not leave the dog in this state. The moment of seeing each other was heartbreaking and emotional.


They both missed each other and found comfort being with each other. The dog knew thanks to the police officer he had a second chance to live happily.

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Please ‘SHARE’ this story with a friend or family member!


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