Heartwarming Reunion: Daughter’s Tears Flow as Parents Surprise Her by Adopting the Beloved Dog She Cared for, Strengthening Family Bonds. l

Their daughter Hallee had wanted a dog for years and began volunteering at a local shelter. She fell in love with a dog there and was heartbroken when she heard it got adopted. Little did she know it was her parents planning a Christmas present for her she’ll never forget.

Hallee Fuqua had a special Christmas request she’d asked about for years. She really wanted a dog. However, she was attending Oklahoma State University, and her response from her parents was always to wait until after college.

To help fill the void, Hallee decided to become a volunteer at the Humane Society of Stillwater. It was there that the sophomore met one dog in particular that she really fell head over heels for – a Plott Hound mix named Rambo.


The pair quickly developed a strong bond and Hallee started visiting Rambo on a regular basis.


Despite being a large adult dog (which is part of the reason why it was hard to get him adopted), he just wanted to be showered with affection.

Hallee told the Stillwater News Press:

“He was quiet. A lot of the dogs would bark but he just sits there …He is a ginormous cuddler. He thinks he’s a giant lap dog.”

Hallee grew closer and closer to Rambo, so she began sharing videos and photos with her parents. Then one day it clicked for her mom, Jessica.

She explained to the news publication:

“I just knew he belonged here. I’ve said ‘No’ long enough. I think he belongs in our family.”

Without Hallee’s knowledge, her parents adopted two-year-old Rambo as a Christmas present. However, since the holiday was still weeks away – the Humane Society helped out and kept the adoption a secret.

Then came the sad day when Hallee learned that her four-legged friend had been adopted. According to her dad Lance, “she was broken.”

Hallee, of course, was unaware by “who” though…

Realizing how upset their daughter was about Rambo – they decided to surprise her with an early Christmas present. What they captured on film is melting viewers’ hearts into puddles.


Rambo’s on a leash waiting outside of the family’s home, dressed in an adorable set of reindeer antlers.


After getting direction from her mom, Hallee finally opens the door and is left speechless by the sight. It was the dog she thought she’d never see again.

Overwhelmed, Hallee bursts into tears having her buddy in their yard. Dad then lets go of the leash and he lovingly runs to his new master.


The scene is tear-jerking as Hallee can’t control her emotions. Additional loved ones open the door and also get to meet Rambo. But there’s one answer Hallee has to find out.


She looks towards the camera and asks,

“Is he mine?”

Finding out that “yes,” she was the new owner of Rambo – keeps the tears flowing for Hallee. In fact, it’s a clip that has viewers needing a box of tissues too!


Once the video was posted online it quickly went viral. In a year it’s been viewed more than 4.2 million times on YouTube alone.


Hallee’s dad Lance explained the story in the video’s description, then closed it off by writing:

“So Sunday night we surprised her with her early Christmas present. We captured the moment on video. Merry Christmas Hallee! #onehappygirl #onehappydog”

Fortunately, Rambo was one of the lucky dogs who ended up being given the best forever home possible. And for Hallee, she received the most beautiful gift that she’ll never forget.


Watch the video below to see Hallee’s priceless reaction!


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