Heartwarming rescue of mother and baby elephant stuck in drain goes viral. Watch

After watching this video, you can’t help but think about the strong bond between elephants and their babies.

Mother and baby elephant rescued and reunited
Mother and baby elephant rescued and reunited

Trending News: Get ready to feel a range of emotions because this heartwarming video of a group of vets saving a mother elephant and her calf stuck in a drain will leave you teary-eyed. It is a beautiful reminder that there are still Good Samaritans in this world who go above and beyond to help others in need. During a storm in Nakhon Nayok province, Thailand, the grass became muddy and wet, causing the elephant and her calf to fall into a 7ft deep hole. As you watch the video shared on Twitter by The Figen, you can’t help but feel a mix of anxiety and hope. The sight of the mother elephant stuck inside the drain was heart-wrenching.

However, the vets were not going to let her suffer any longer. They fought tooth and nail, despite the heavy rain disrupting their rescue work, to pull her out of the drain. But the rescue mission was far from over. The mother elephant was exhausted and needed medical attention. The vets performed CPR on her while others tried to dig some of the mud to help the baby elephant climb up. It was a race against time to save both the mother and her calf.

After more than three hours of struggle, the mother was finally reunited with her baby, and they could be seen walking into the forest after crossing the road. It was a beautiful moment that left netizens feeling grateful for the dedication and kindness of these vets and volunteers.


Watch the viral video of mother and baby elephant rescued and reunited here:


The old viral video has received 764k views and 19k likes. A user commented, “Wow, that’s incredible! It’s heartwarming to see people go to such great lengths to rescue and care for animals in need. We need more people like them who are willing to step up and make a difference in the world. God bless these amazing individuals!” Another user wrote, “Fantastic. God bless them.



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