Handlers Line Up For Dancing, Then Their Dogs Unleash Moves Which Steal The Show

Individuals, companies, and influencers, always participate in challenges that go viral in a part to be trend. However, one of the challenges on TikTok that became famous is “Jerusalema dance challenge”.

The challenge, that started in 2020, is to dance on the song by Master KG, Jerusalema. Actually, many people and groups have done this challenge, but today, we have a group of the best to do this great challenge.

A group of dog handlers decided to do this challenge wearing their outfits in different places. You can see how professional they are dancing! But there are no dogs with them!

But the surprise is yet to come, as the dogs come to show at the end og the video and they real steal it! They do their own moves alone with their handlers, and they then finish the video by coming together! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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