Group At Beach Finds Tiny Kitten Tied Up In Palm Tree Meowing For Help

When Kimberlee Rose and her friend heard tiny meows coming from a palm tree nearby Venice Beach, they were longboarding. So, she stopped to investigate and found a small kitty stuck there.

Kimberlee said that it was obvious that the kitten just wanted to be noticed. When the kitten saw them, she just wanted them to help her. It is known that kittens have the ability to climb trees, so, they at first thought she was being hesitant, but they then realized that she was not able to move as she was tied there!

So, Kimberlee and her friend without hesitation helped the kitten by unleashing her. The kitten was so grateful to be saved. The kitten was then put in Kimberlee’s jacket as the weather was so called.

While in the jacket, the kitten fell asleep, so, the 2 friends back to Santa Monica with their longboards. They then stopped to get materials for a makeshift litter box and some wet food for the kitten from 7-Eleven.

Kimberlee then adopted the kitten, who was named Venice as she fell in love with her directly. She also added that the kitten was the missing piece in her life. What a happy ending!

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