Gigantic Pit Bull With Big Heart Stays In Shelter Due To His Size

This story speaks about a giant pit bull called Ace, whose weight is more than 100 lbs, at the age of 2. Despite his huge size, he is considered by the Ventura County Animal Services’ workers as a gentle dog, and can be a great companion for walks and morning runs.

Ace was surrendered to the shelter by a family, who was not able to take care of him anymore as he was their relative’s. However, this did not stop Ace from being gentle, cute, and friendly. He loves scampering outdoors, from the first day at the shelter.

The staff of the shelter hopes that Ace finds his forever home as he really deserves that. On of the workers at VCAS, Jules Hooper, said that Ace is so cute and friendly, and can be a good pet.

If there is another mellow in the home, it would be better for him as he loves playing with other pets. He is available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting him, you can visit VCAS website for more information.

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