Giant Shelter Pitbull Who Was Looking For A Home, Leads To Adoption

Unfortunately, the reputation of pit bulls is that they are aggressive and vicious, but this is not the truth as they are just friendly just like any other dog. So, the staff of a shelter knew that it would be very hard to find a huge pit bull, that came into the shelter recently, a home directly. Ventura County Animal Services shared the story of the pit bull, who was named Ace, to urge people to adopt him.

Thankfully, Ace was adopted by a family, who at first had been taking care of him for another family member. They did not even plan to keep him for so long, when no one came to take him permanently, he was surrendered again to the shelter. However, despite being 103 pounds, Ace is friendly with children and other pets, smart, and very sweet.

The shelter also shared what happened with him on Facebook in hopes that some people come to adopt him. Fortunately, Ace’s story directly went viral and many people came to adopt him.

In just 4 days, Ace was adopted by a loving family and he was very happy. What a happy ending!

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