Family Wants Their Pitbull To Be Euthanized After Defending Them By Attacking Thief

This story speaks about a Pitbull called Max, who lived with his family in Mexico. The dog’s family’s home was attacked by a robbery, who was confronted by the brave dog, who was able to save his family by attacking the robbery!

Despite being loyal and heroic, his family asked to euthanize their dog as he was able to attack the man in a beast way, which left him with very bad injuries. But the authorities finally decided that the dog was just trying to defend his family and their home, which means that it was self-defense!

Alfredo Ruíz Coutiño, Protection against Sanitary Risks of the municipality’s director, said that the dog was trying to save his family by attacking the obscure subject that entered the home with no authorization!

He also added that the dog was just doing his job by taking care of his family, which means that he was completely right. The robbery was taken to a hospital as he had extreme injuries as he was bitten many times by Max.

The authorities said that what the dog did was completely fine and he will not be euthanized despite the request of his family. What do you think?!

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