Dogs dying in Fulton County animal shelter due to canine flu outbreak

Lifeline Animal Services in Fulton County are dealing with shelters that are over capacity amid the outbreak.


ATLANTA — Fulton County Animal Services announced its shelters are under emergency as dogs are dying due to the canine flu – as they are operating over capacity.

Officials with the shelter said it is dealing with the canine flu and working to control its exposure.

“The animals that have been exposed to the flu are getting worse and are not responding to treatment quickly, and, tragically, some dogs have passed away due to this illness,” the agency said in a statement.

Animal Services is asking the community to adopt at least 150 dogs to help stop other dogs from getting the flu. Its Midtown Atlanta overflow location is also full and putting other dogs at risk as the shelter lacks space to take in new pups.

“Most critically, we need to find homes for the 65 dogs housed at LifeLine Midtown shelter so we can make space for incoming dogs to have a safe place to land,” the agency said. “We need your help to get this illness under control and prevent more animals from dying.”



Originally, to help mitigate the spread, shelters were following quarantine procedures. In its latest update, Animal Services officials said it doesn’t have space to isolate sick animals, making recovery in crowded shelters during a flu outbreak challenging.

“Just come in and save a life,” the agency said.

How to help

Shelter leaders are reminding people that if they find a healthy pet in Fulton County, one should take 48 hours to help reunite them with their family. By assisting in the search, people keep dogs out of shelters and keep animals in an area they are likely familiar with.

People should also take suspected strays to a vet or shelter to see if they have been microchipped. Lastly, people should consider fostering animals especially if they have the space and time. More resources can be found online here.

For those who can adopt or foster, consider going to LifeLine Midtown at 981 Howell Mill Rd, which is open seven days a week. Fulton County Animal Services at 860 Marietta Blvd NW is also an option, this location is closed on Wednesdays. Appointments are not necessary and all dog adoption fees are waived right now thanks to an anonymous donor.

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