Dog Who Was Lost For 5 Years Jumps Into His Mom’s Arms When She Finds Him

This story speaks about a dog called Paris, who got lost from his owners for 5 years. The story began when a rescuer from the Lost Animal Resource Group called Bob Swensen was called about a different lost pet, so, he set up some traps to catch it.

But one of the traps caught Paris! After receiving an alert from the monitor, so, he checked the camera to see Paris, who seemed scared and nervous. So, he directly took the dog home to let him feel comfortable.

The rescuers then checked the microchip of the dog to find that he has owners! So, without thinking twice, he called Paris’ owners to tell them that their dog was found! At first, the family did not believe what they heard, but they went to the shelter to check.

When the family arrived at the shelter, they were completely surprised to see their dog. Paris even was not sure of his owners at the first sight, but he then started jumping out of joy! The reunion was very emotional! Watch the video below.

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