Dog Was Going To Be Put Down, So She Backed Herself Into A Corner And Cried

A poor Maltese-Poodle mix, Edie, was unfortunately saved from a heartwrenching case of abuse. Despite her rescue, she could not overcome the deep trauma and hatred towards humans that had been inflicted on her. She appeared to be an utterly hopeless case with no desire for any kind of improvement in life.

The staff at the high-kill shelter worked diligently with Edie for fifteen days in an attempt to save her from a dismal end. Unfortunately, their efforts were thwarted by Edie’s intense fear of humans and she was ultimately moved to the kill list.

Source (Screenshot) credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube

Barely an hour before Edie was due to be euthanized, rescuer Eldad Hagar rushed in. He had previously encountered cases of extreme abuse and he firmly believed that she could still be saved despite what people said about her uncontrollable behavior. This video captures a precious moment between the two as they hope for a better future together.

In this video, we witness Eldad’s attempts at calming and connecting with a troubled pooch, Edie. Her 10-lb frame is trembling in fear as she runs to hide from the person reaching out to her. It’s an emotionally charged situation that requires patience and understanding.

She cries pitifully, wishing that Eldad would vanish. Alas, when he brings a leash close to her–her spirit shattered–all she can do is soil the floor with fear-induced excrement. It’s unbearable to behold how much pain she has endured for so long.

Source (Screenshot) credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube


Despite Eldad’s initial apprehensions, he chooses to remain steadfast in his decision even after witnessing Edie’s despondency. As if it was second nature, Eldad swiftly places her on his lap and cushions her sorrow with comforting strokes. For the first time since she had been left alone, Edie feels a flicker of solace emanating from within; simutaneously eliciting an enormous hug as well as a tail wag!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube

Join us as we witness Edie’s incredible transformation from a haggard, matted mess to an elegant and beautiful pup. After her rescue by Eldad, she was groomed with tender loving care until she became the perfect canine companion. In no time at all, Edie found the ideal forever home where she will be showered with love and devotion for many years to come!

Her journey serves as a heartwarming reminder that kindness and patience can change even the most dire of situations. Click the video below to watch Edie’s AMAZING transformation!

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