Dog Separated From Her Puppies Claims Every Foster Baby As Her Own

Kona is a compassionate dog that never fails to amaze her mom Asa. Asa fosters kittens and Kona thinks it’s her job to foster them as well. Kona’s life hasn’t been easy. She was found as a stray along with her puppies. The whole family found forever homes, but Kona was returned to the rescue multiple times. The poor pup was separated from her babies and given up on, time and time again.



When Asa met Kona, she immediately fell in love. She couldn’t understand why anyone would reject her. Every time a new group of foster kittens arrives, Kona excitedly greets them like they’re the most special and important gift she could ever receive. Her tail, and adorable doggy smile, say it all! The pup has so much love to give!



If the kittens are without a mother, she takes it upon herself to care for them, clean them up, and “cat-sit.” She even watches over them to make sure they eat all their food! Kona has taught herself to play with cat toys to entertain the feline babies.

Kona’s heartwarming story doesn’t end here and is too precious to miss! To meet the extraordinary pup, and experience all her kitty-mama glory, click play on the video below!


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