Dog reunited with owner after animal found nearly 2,500 miles away

CINCINNATI (WXIX/Gray News) – A dog has been reunited with its original owner after being rehomed multiple times and moved thousands of miles away.

According to the Cincinnati Animal CARE, a 4-year-old dog named Sophie, with quite the travel record, was picked up in Walnut Hills on March 4 by a Hamilton County dog warden.

WXIX reports that Sophie used to hit the road with her California owner and truck driver named Jordan. The two would drive across the country but Sophie got rehomed because the company Jordan worked for implemented new policies that did not allow her on their trips.

Sophie ended up being rehomed multiple times which led her to various places in the county and eventually to Cincinnati.

Once the dog warden found Sophie the animal shelter team said they were able to scan her microchip. They discovered Jordan as the original owner and reunited the pair.

“Microchipping is the No. 1 way you can increase the odds of finding your pet,” the shelter shared. “It contains a unique barcode with all of the information needed to get your pet back home again.”

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