Dog Gets A New Home And Freaked Out When She Saw What’s In Her Backyard

When this Westie discovered her new home, we all know she became ecstatic – leaping and shrieking and wagging her tail. You may bet that this dog is grateful to go anywhere it feels appreciated. Because her pet parents recorded the video of the first time she sees her new forever Florida house on Facebook, we can assure you she is delighted.



Image Source Credit: YouTube Video


Christy and her dad have moved into a new home in a new state. But while it can be stressful, it can also be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for them both. Christy is uncertain. Will she like her new neighbors? Will the dogs at the dog park welcome her? Ultimately, though, it comes down to one thing for her. Will she have that epic backyard she has been dreaming about?



Christy has the most adorable reactions to life around her. Once she gets distracted by nature outside, her playfulness becomes unmissable and the video is even funnier.


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