Dog Found Tied To A Fence With A Note Never Gave Up On Hope

Isn’t it incredible how dogs, going through the hardest times of their lives, still hold on to hope? It’s as if they know that good times are coming no matter what.

That is exactly what happened to the dog in today’s story. After being abandoned, he knew that that was no reason to let go of his smile since he felt his life was about to change for the better.


Abandoned But Not Afraid 

photo of the dog named goose
Source: Lindsey Hawkins via The Dodo

It is my honor to introduce you to Goose, a 2-year-old Great Pyrenees mix whose spirit kept on shining even at his lowest.

One fateful day, Goose was found tied to a fence with a heartbreaking note from his previous owners, saying that they no longer wanted him.

The two passersby who approached him, wanting to give him a pet, never even thought that he was left all alone since he never gave up his radiant smile.

Finding out about his sad fate and how his spirit never gave in, one of them decided to be more than just a passerby. She extended a loving hand and offered to take him in.

He really likes people. When he saw someone coming up to him, he was just hoping to be loved on.

Said Lindsey Hawkins, Goose’s new foster mom.

dog sitting on the grass
Source: Lindsey Hawkins via The Dodo

Hawkins said that the note she found on Goose read:

Don’t have time. Just take the dog.

And, she did exactly that!

But first, she took him to the local vet because he was quite dirty and completely covered in ticks.

Keeping this in mind, the team of vets taking care of Goose decided to give him a thorough cleaning over a couple of days so that he didn’t get too stressed.

Regardless of his condition, Goose never stopped smiling.

He never once showed an ounce of aggression during all of that. I think he knew we were really just trying to help him out. 

If you thought that this dog’s smile couldn’t get any bigger, wait until you see that smile when he finds out he is good to go home.

dog in a crate
Source: Lindsey Hawkins via The Dodo

New Life 

Lindsey was so excited to take him to her house and be his temporary foster mom, but Goose had something else in plan.

The whole ride home, he kept trying to climb from the back of my SUV to the front seat and eventually to my lap.

When they finally got home, Lindsey found out that Goose spent his whole life outside. He was too scared to get close to any furniture, and he avoided hardwood floors at all costs.

He essentially confined himself to the rug in the living room or the carpeted hallway. 

However, it didn’t take long for Goose to adapt to his new surroundings. In just a couple of days, he became inseparable from his new siblings, which included a flock of chickens and a senior therapy dog, Zeus.

photo of two dogs lying on the grass
Source: Lindsey Hawkins via The Dodo

When Lindsay saw how well they got along, she knew he was going to stay.

The day we decided that he was going to be a permanent resident. [Goose] stood up on his hind legs, put his front paws on my husband’s shoulders and buried his head into my husband’s chest, as if he was saying, ‘Thank you.’

After only two weeks at his new home, Goose changed his attitude towards living inside completely. He loves jumping up on Hawkins’s bed like it’s his own, and he no longer has trouble walking on her hardwood floors.

dog called Goose lying on the couch
Source: Lindsey Hawkins via The Dodo

Final Word

Despite all the hardships this dog faced, he never let go of that contagious smile of his. It’s truly inspiring to witness his unwavering spirit and resilience.

He is even thinking about following in the paw prints of his brother, Zeus, and becoming a therapy dog. I am most certain that he will be amazing at it, spreading comfort, joy, and love with his unbreakable spirit.

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