Distraught Pit Bull Put All His Faith Into Woman That Opened His Kennel Door

Caroline met Murphy after he was rescued from a rough neighborhood in Philly. The poor pup was covered in scars. His trauma deeply impacted his perception of the world around him. Once he was brought into the shelter, he wouldn’t come out of his kennel. He didn’t trust a soul until this special woman entered his life.



Caroline decided to foster Murphy, and his whole demeanor changed. When he got into her car, his eyes lit up with hope. He put all his faith in Caroline, and she didn’t disappoint! His stressful days in the loud shelter were officially over, and once at his foster home, he peacefully drifted to sleep in Caroline’s lap.


But even though Murphy was now in a loving home, he was still incredibly fearful. The doorbell scared him, and he had trouble going on walks. He was especially afraid of men. It took three months until the pup let his guard down. Murphy didn’t just acclimate to his new neighborhood; he became a star!

The once shy, traumatized Pit Bull shed his fear and apprehension like a champ! Caroline was in awe watching the dog she thought she knew, transform into a total love machine! Murphy’s tale is too good to miss! Murphy is proof that there’s no such thing as a broken dog!

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