Disabled Boy Adopts Dog Whose Owner Tied Him To A Track And He Got Hit By Train

Owen Howkins has Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome (SJS), a rare genetic disorder that leaves his face muscles constantly tense and rigid. Unfortunately, the disease also causes growth delays and skeletal issues; at only 7 years old, Owen is wheelchair-bound due to a dislocated hip caused by SJS. This heartbreaking illness takes away so much from its victims.

Source (Screenshot) credit: BBC South Today via YouTube


The physical adversities Owen suffered during his early years made him into a timid and despondent hermit. However, everything changed on the day his parents took in Haatchi – an Anatolian Shepherd with only three legs. The disabled pup had an immediate and powerful healing power over the boy because he too was a survivor!

Haatchi’s story begins tragically when he was abandoned at a railway line by his former owner and struck by an oncoming train. Miraculously, Haatchi managed to pull himself away from the tracks before succumbing to his terrible injuries– which included the amputation of one leg and loss of his tail due to infection. However, fate intervened when a passerby happened upon him days later in need of rescue.

Source (Screenshot) credit: BBC South Today via YouTube


After enduring a year-long recovery, Haatchi could sense that Owen was scared and lacking companionship. As such, he embarked on an admirable mission to make his little human feel welcome and adored. Eventually, thanks to this lovable pup’s care, Owen overcame his social anxiety – no longer feeling shy or humiliated because of his disability!

Source (Screenshot) credit: BBC South Today via YouTube


Owen has flourished into a spirited and self-assured child. People’s perceptions of him have shifted significantly from the view that he was “the different one” to seeing his beautiful relationship with Haatchi first and foremost. Nothing illustrates this better than several individuals who once pitied Owen now applauding how trusting in a dog can turn unfortunate situations around for the better!

Click to watch the video below of this beautiful friendship between Haatchi and Owen!

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