Deployed Soldier Sends His ‘Lonely’ Dog A Gift That Reminds Him That He’s Loved

A few years ago, the Aument family welcomed a loving shelter dog into their lives. They named him Brindle and instantly became an inseparable unit of three. Unfortunately, in the past nine months they have been faced with a difficult situation–the deployment of Rachel’s husband JD to serve as a firefighter in the Army Reserves overseas.

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Since then, Brindle has been missing his dad terribly and feeling like something important is missing from their home without him here. Despite his mother’s consistent love and care, Brindle cannot be comforted.


“He’s so sad without him here,” Rachel Marie Aument, JD’s wife, said via The Dodo. “He loves me, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not his person.”


Source (Screenshot) credit: Animal Antics via YouTube


Xander, the other family pup, is also beginning to miss his dad. However, with Brindle it’s unique; whereas Xander has always been a mama’s boy – Brindle only desires being close to his father. On many occasions JD would observe him crying and gazing out of the window for hours in anticipation that he may see dad pull up in their driveway eventually.

This prompted JD to send his small companion an extraordinary present through mail as a surprise!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Animal Antics via YouTube


JD thoughtfully sent home an unwashed shirt from his overseas location and Brindle, his pup, was the one to open it up. Mom watched as he sniffed at the package full of Dad’s scent; what happened next was pure joy! Brindle knew that this gift had been made especially for him and the expression on his face said it all.

Source (Screenshot) credit: Animal Antics via YouTube


When Brindle caught a whiff of his beloved owner, JD, he was overcome with elation. The pup could scarcely contain himself as he inhaled deeply and rolled around in his dad’s t-shirt, reveling in pure joy.

“He immediately knew that it was JD’s shirt. There was no doubt about it.”

Brindle was elated with his present – he embraced it tightly and even took it to bed. The power of this kind gesture cannot be overstated! As if the world heard him, soon enough his wish would come true – after a month apart from JD, they could meet again. His reaction is just one more clear indication that our beloved dogs are truly man’s best friend.

Watch this beautiful video below!

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