Clerk Opens Store For Stray Dog To Cool Off During 104° Heat Wave

Stray animals live a challenging life, having to fend for themselves to find food, water, and shelter. When extreme temperatures hit, dogs scramble to survive. One store clerk in Mexico met a stray he believed was abandoned by his owner. The friendly pup lingered out front of the store as if he were asking for help. The clerk used his own money to buy him food and left out fresh water daily. He also rewarded him with some toys for being a good boy!

In the following days, the temperature hit 104°F. The stray dog was desperate and stood by the doors needing more than the clerk had given him. The stray wouldn’t survive long in that kind of heat. The clerk went a step further by opening the doors and letting the pooch inside the store. Exhausted from the heat, the pup laid down in one of the aisles and took a much-needed long nap.

As the pup slept, a customer came into the store to buy milk and saw the dog resting peacefully. After asking the clerk about the stray, and the employee explaining his story, it was then he realized he was witnessing the purest form of love! He picked out a treat for the pup and gave it to the clerk for when he woke up. The homeless dog is now receiving the love he has always deserved!

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