Nicole Kidman, 56, Creates Buzz For Not Looking Age Appropriate: «So Desperate to Hang On to Her Youth»

When it comes to appearing flawless in front of a camera, few celebrities can rival the elegance and poise of Nicole Kidman. The 56-year-old actress recently participated in one of her most revealing photoshoots yet. While many admirers praised her, others rushed to criticize her daring looks.

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The actress took on a bold photoshoot for ELLE’s April 2024 Impact Issue, displaying daring poses that radiate her self-assurance and strength.

Kidman exhibited her toned body and defined muscles mostly in dark and edgy attire. Her hair was slicked back, contributing to the intense vibe, enhanced by deep eye makeup.



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In the interview paired with the photo shoot, Nicole shares her happiness about her present life, emphasizing the satisfaction she finds in her connections with others.
She remarked, ’’I have a very full life with people that I love. I’m raising daughters. I’m a wife, I’m a best friend. I’m a sister, I’m an aunt. I have deeply intimate relationships with people.’’

© mario_sorrenti / nicolekidman / Instagram

The photos swiftly became a sensation as countless fans lauded Nicole’s innate beauty and undeniable charm. They amassed over 120k likes shortly after she shared them on her Instagram. Admirers commented, saying she is «Iconic and Phenomenal» and described Kidman as ’’Always relevant and always a stunner!!’’

However, the internet seemed split over the photos, with some feeling they weren’t entirely fitting for her age. One person remarked, ’’She would not have done this ad in her 20s […]’’ And another added, ’’Desperate to prove she’s still got it as her 60th birthday draws closer […]’’

A third user pointed out, ’’She is so desperate to hang on to her youth […] Just be yourself. You’ve achieved so much in your field. Why not just slow down, raise your daughters […]’’

We share the views of fans in acknowledging Nicole Kidman’s iconic presence and her display of confidence and radiance. The star is accustomed to facing criticism about her outfit choices, but she consistently handles these situations gracefully, earning even more admiration from us.


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