Berlin The Oldest Polar Bear In USA, Passed Away At Age Of 33

Berlin, a beloved polar bear, was recently euthanized in The Kansas City Zoo, Missouri, which left all the staff heartbroken. According to the zoo, Berlin, who’d just celebrated her birthday in December, was the oldest living bear in captivity in the US.

They also added that they euthanized her for humane reasons as she had renal failure and been experiencing hypertension.

It was very hard and exhausted to save her so they decided to euthanize her. Berlin spent almost a decade at The Kansas City Zoo, but she was born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1989.

The zoo stated that everyone knew the bear is heartbroken including guests, volunteers, and staff. They also intend to owner her memory with Conservation Fund to Polar Bears International, annual contribution to aid in conserving polar bears’ habitat and surely the polar bears. Watch the video below.

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